About Us

My name is Rachael. I am a keen walker and tramper, spending a lot of time in the New Zealand backcountry, mostly the South Island.

My love for the outdoors started young, as I was a girl member in Girl Guiding NZ. I started camping both with Guides and with my family at an early age, and have fond memories of completing the Routeburn Track as a teenager.

I came to dog-owning comparatively later in life, as I didn't grow up with dogs.
Winston is my first dog, and shortly after getting him I realised that he was certainly going to keep me on my toes! Winston likes swimming in any puddles we come across, barking at us to hurry up, and hates being brushed.

A couple of years later we added Elmo, a rescued 14 month old who came from a farm where they didn't have enough time for him. Elmo likes staying warm and dry, being brushed, and hates waiting for his dinner.

I always travel with the very eager dogs, and often with my semi-reluctant husband. I aim to collect information and resources for people keen to walk or tramp with their dogs, and ensure that areas where dogs are allowed are preserved for future generations of dog owners and trampers.

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