Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Gear Review: D-fa Moon-Walker

Available from D-fa

The D-fa Moon-Walker jacket is designed to be water resistant and high visibility, without providing much insulation. This is perfect for us as it keeps the majority of the muck and rain off the dogs, keeps Elmo dry and happy, without causing the dogs to overheat.

The cut of the jacket is quite unique. It is designed to fit a canine shape, rather than looking like a down-sized horse rug. This means that the dogs can move freely. The jacket doesn't rub or chafe, even when it has been worn for extended periods (8 hours or so).

The jacket can be a bit counter-intuitive to size and adjust correctly. Both my boys fall between the medium and large size (girth medium, length long), and when I had the large adjusted as small as the girth would go, it sat short at the rear end, and baggy under the chest. When the straps were loosened slightly it did all fall into place. The jacket is designed to sit a little loose to allow freedom of movement, as the fabric doesn't stretch. 

The jackets aren't the cheapest ones out there, but one of ours is nearly 4 years old and still going strong, and they get very heavy use in winter. Well worth the money spent.

Did I say high visibility? Winston models a D-fa Moon-Walker and a collar light. The other dots you see are street lights in the background.

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