Tuesday, 12 May 2015

How to apply for a DOC Dog Access Permit

Frequently when looking for areas to take your dog tramping, you will come across areas where dogs are allowed by permit only. This was traditionally only for hunting dogs, but now anybody who wants to take their dog into the backcountry can request a Dog Access Permit.

Permits must be obtained from the DOC office responsible for the area you want to visit, you can't walk into a DOC office in Christchurch to get a permit for your next visit to Marlborough, for example. All the tracks on this website will include details of the relevant DOC office for each walk where a permit may be required. Permits can be applied for via phone or email, as well as in person.
A selection of council tags
To issue a permit, the DOC office will need to know your name, address, phone number, and details of your dog ie breed, colour, name, and sex. They will also want to know that your dog is registered with the relevant local authority. Some offices may ask for your dogs registration number (the one on the dogs council tag).

The permits are free, and will often be produced for you on the spot, or posted or emailed out if you have applied via email or phone.

Below is a sample email requesting a permit.

I/We will be in [region] shortly walking the [track], and I saw on the DOC website that dogs are allowed in this area by permit only.
Could we please have a permit to take dogs in this area?
My address is
[phone number]
I/We have [number of dogs] dog/s. [Dog name] is a [colour] [breed] [sex] and his/her council registration number is [council] [number] (repeat for any multiple dogs

Thank you
From [full name]

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